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Your TN Tax Dollars at Work

Posted in Truth about Scientology on March 21, 2008 by midsouthanon

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An anon sent an e-mail to the Governor of TN, and this is the reply she received.

And yes, they actually cited WIKIPEDIA as a source.


Fair Game in Memphis

Posted in Fair Game, Truth about Scientology on March 21, 2008 by midsouthanon

There have been several inquiries to the midsouth anon g-mail account about The Bridge, the film written and directed by Brett Hanover. For those of you who don’t know the full story, this brilliant piece of film was removed from the internet after pressure from Scientology on Mr. Hanover.

From Xenu TV

Now it appears that Scientology has hired investigators to dig up dirt on Brett Hanover to shudder him into silence. They have succeeded. So Scientology hasn’t changed. It seems it can’t change. Which means people have to keep speaking out about it’s corrupt nature.

Even though the creator has removed it from the internet, it lives on. Please watch this, not only because it is a very accurate portrayal of what Scientology is like, but also watch this because this is PROOF that the cult will use tactics to remove critical material about them. They did this to one of Memphis’s best and brightest filmmakers.

Dear Scientology – You can’t stop the internet.

More media coverage here

Fair Game is alive and well

Posted in Fair Game, Truth about Scientology on March 17, 2008 by midsouthanon

One of our Anons has received intrusive phone calls at work from someone with a MEMPHIS phone number asking his boss for his PERSONAL information.

If any of you get harassing calls, any fair game info, please forward it to me at

I am compiling a list, and I do have legal contacts to work with. Also, dialing *57 after the call records the call info with the phone company for future police investigation.

Also if anyone has a CLEAR photo of the “photographer” who came to the protest’s car or license plate, please e-mail me!

Edit : Well, the fair game was a false alarm, the calls were a friend playing a prank. But the rest of my info still stands!

Memphis Mission – Is it for sale?

Posted in Truth about Scientology on February 15, 2008 by midsouthanon

The Memphis Flyer reported back in December that the Co$ Mission in Memphis was for sale for the cool sum of $895,000.

When we protested on last Saturday, there was not a for sale sign in sight. Most of the neighbors were under the impression the Mission had moved. We had several neighbors tell us “They aren’t there anymore.” As one neighbor put it, “We thought we’d run them off already!” We knew from calling ahead, however, they did still meet at the Church.

This week I decided to do a bit of digging. The Co$ had taken their For Sale sign down. I searched the real estate listings in Memphis and found jack. After a few days of digging, I found the old feature listing for it on their real estate agent’s site. I managed to dig up the MLS number. I plugged it into and Re-max and found nothing.

Another Anon gave this scoop –

i called the number on the real estate sign….they said the property was listed as inactive, but when i pressed her, she gave me the direct number to the agent…after he tried to give me the runaround, he finally said it was listed at $850,000

Very interesting.

Another point to ponder from the Flyer article –

(David) Slaughter said parishioners come from all over the city, but he could not provide an estimate of local church membership.

And from another part –

Central Gardens residents say that the Church of Scientology has been a quiet neighbor.

“I’ve never seen a human go in there,” said Peter Donovan, who manages the nearby University Club of Memphis.

This Anon thinks that maybe, just maybe, the Co$ Mission isn’t holding the numbers like it used to!

All hail the King, baby!

Posted in Truth about Scientology on February 11, 2008 by midsouthanon

Fuck those people! There’s no way I’ll ever get involved with that son-of-a-bitchin’ group. All they want is my money. –

Elvis Prestley, from the book Elvis Aaron Presley: Revelations From The Memphis Mafia”

From the DC Raids – Watch This, SHARE THIS!

Posted in Truth about Scientology on February 11, 2008 by midsouthanon

From Arnie Lerma at on Operation Clambake:

before 200 netizens in protest of the madness of scientology, From Washington DC, the face of courage:

This little gal, called me last month, for the first time, in a timid voice, that grew stronger with every word she spoke…it was the first time she had ever spoken out about scientology, she is an ex scientologist, her father was a lifelong, scientology “minister”.

She brought before and after pictures of her father, the young handsome Scientology minister, and 25 years later, a broken man.

She had more guts than anyone today. She walked up to Sue Taylor, Director of Special Affairs for OSA DC, and said Hi sue, remember me? (she used to play with Sue Taylor’s kids at her home) Sue said hello… untill she told Sue Taylor that her father committed suicide 3 years ago.

She came up to me after I managed to spout off a few words of encouragement to the crowd, explaining operations snow white and operation freakout, and I suggested that she tell the picketers her story…

She did..

And told a crowd of 200 strangers on the street about her life, growing up in scientology and then about her father, a 25 year long “Minister” in scientology, who hung himself 3 years ago.

Knowledge is Free – Share it. Stories like hers will change the public’s view on Scientology.