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Gimmie MOAR Pictures!

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Even MORE at our Flickr Album


More Photos!

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Crazy lady, we love you

Posted in Feb 10, 2008 on February 12, 2008 by midsouthanon

So, shortly after the Midsouth Anon gathered at the CO$ Mission, we had an interesting experience.

A lady in a silver car pulled up into the CO$ parking lot, and jumped out, running towards us. The collective reaction was “WTF? Is she a Scientologist come to harass us? Are we gonna get bullbaited?”

She runs to the sidewalk and starts screaming, “I LOVE YOU GUYS! I WANT YOUR PICTURE! YOU ARE SO AWESOME!” She takes a few pictures then as she leaves, she cuts a donut in the CO$ yard.

While the Memphis Anons in no way shape form or fashion condone her actions, it was damn funny.

Please don’t deface the Co$ Mission, folks.

A few pictures –

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A few pics from Sunday –

Anyone who has pics who doesn’t wanna host them, send them to me at

Epic Win : 2-10-08

Posted in Feb 10, 2008 on February 11, 2008 by midsouthanon

Midsouth Anons!

We had an EPIC WIN at the COS Mission in Memphis! We had over 40 people come, and tons of support from honks, neighbors and even a van load of Baptists honking in support! I want to personally thank you ALL for coming, and for braving the cold, wind and the three Scientologists in the window taking our pictures.

This will be our rally point, the backup meeting place, as well as a private e-mail group. If the Pink or I got your e-mail today, expect an invite this week.

If you have pictures and don’t want to host them, send them to, otherwise send me a link please so we can show them no one brings the lulz like MidSouthAnons!