Who are we?

We are teenagers.
We are adults.
We are students.
We are professionals.
We are mothers and fathers.
We are a community.
We are Anonymous.
We are everywhere.


One Response to “Who are we?”

  1. jesterchef Says:

    My family has spent the day discovering Anonymous online… I was wandering youtube and fount Anon’s videos.
    My family is from Nashville, and we’ve decided to spread the word due to a scilon nest near Vanderbilt university. by an odd coincidence my brother went for a free personality ‘test/audit’ that the local nest uses ad a base blind recruitment action. they leave fliers on cars in Nashville over night to bait victims…My brother, decided to go to see what they were about; just honest open minded curiosity, he left convinced that the Co$ was a scam and a cult…their personality test is no more accurate than one found in a cosmo magazine…on any given day you could fall into one of the several columns that they designate as ‘problematic’. any honest but weakwilled person could be drawn into their grasp.
    My family will begin a site of our own for a Nashville Anonymous Chapter. NAnon Chapter will do all it can to awaken the shee-ople to the dangers of the Scilons and their cashcow cult.

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