Ides of March recap

In spite of the pouring rain, cold wind and occasional potty thetan, the Ides of March protest in Memphis ended up being not only an EPIC WIN but also EPIC lulz. Unfortunately, our delicious cake did not make it because Wreckchan had a small fender bender while admiring his mask. We did have delicious brownies!

We only had one incident with the police, when they came to ask us to move away from the corner to keep from blocking traffic. This lead to a fun game of “Car!” “Protest on!” to move people back so the view from the corner was clear.

We had lots of honks, support and cheers from the general public. Two neighbors even came by and let their dogs show their support on the Co$ lawn.

Towards the end of the protest, a list of the names of those killed because of Scientology was read off, and our anons stood guard on the median. Cries of “These are your crimes” and “We speak for those who can not” were heard.

Afterwards we dismissed to change clothes and postgame at our super secret location.

Special thanks goes to Blues, who secured the permit, Momanon, for being awesome, and Brownie girl for the delicious brownies.

Oh, and Magoo, for the short but sweet peptalk during pregame!

And one more thing


2 Responses to “Ides of March recap”

  1. Brownie girl Says:


    Where are we corresponding now that Enturb is down?

  2. BreakDecks Says:

    Damnit! I lost!

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