Crazy lady, we love you

So, shortly after the Midsouth Anon gathered at the CO$ Mission, we had an interesting experience.

A lady in a silver car pulled up into the CO$ parking lot, and jumped out, running towards us. The collective reaction was “WTF? Is she a Scientologist come to harass us? Are we gonna get bullbaited?”

She runs to the sidewalk and starts screaming, “I LOVE YOU GUYS! I WANT YOUR PICTURE! YOU ARE SO AWESOME!” She takes a few pictures then as she leaves, she cuts a donut in the CO$ yard.

While the Memphis Anons in no way shape form or fashion condone her actions, it was damn funny.

Please don’t deface the Co$ Mission, folks.


One Response to “Crazy lady, we love you”

  1. hahaha i know it wasn’t the right thing to do but i couldn’t help cheer for her! i have a feeling she had some deep seeded issues with Co$….. just a a hunch…

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