From the DC Raids – Watch This, SHARE THIS!

From Arnie Lerma at on Operation Clambake:

before 200 netizens in protest of the madness of scientology, From Washington DC, the face of courage:

This little gal, called me last month, for the first time, in a timid voice, that grew stronger with every word she spoke…it was the first time she had ever spoken out about scientology, she is an ex scientologist, her father was a lifelong, scientology “minister”.

She brought before and after pictures of her father, the young handsome Scientology minister, and 25 years later, a broken man.

She had more guts than anyone today. She walked up to Sue Taylor, Director of Special Affairs for OSA DC, and said Hi sue, remember me? (she used to play with Sue Taylor’s kids at her home) Sue said hello… untill she told Sue Taylor that her father committed suicide 3 years ago.

She came up to me after I managed to spout off a few words of encouragement to the crowd, explaining operations snow white and operation freakout, and I suggested that she tell the picketers her story…

She did..

And told a crowd of 200 strangers on the street about her life, growing up in scientology and then about her father, a 25 year long “Minister” in scientology, who hung himself 3 years ago.

Knowledge is Free – Share it. Stories like hers will change the public’s view on Scientology.


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